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I'm Dr Paul and my major goal is to help busy moms, like you, prevent long-term dental disasters in your kids. Every mistake costs your child a lifetime of needless suffering. I deliver info you often won't hear from your dentist or even your own mom.

I'll teach you the SECRET WEAPON to prevent all types of cavities. Brushing, flossing, and avoiding sugar are not enough. Learn to use the dreaded 30-Minute Nightmare in your child's favor.

Dr. Paul guided me through all of the potential dental landmines with my four kids. He explained options, pros, and cons better than I've ever heard before or since. I  always felt confident I was making the best long-term choices for my children.


Mother of 4

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Whether you have a great story to tell, or whether you've had a dental nightmare, please share with others so we can all learn together. We guarantee to keep you and your child anonymous and I'll give you 2 free books if I use your story in my upcoming dental pocket guide about braces.

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About the Author - Dr Paul

In my teen years I wanted to be a great teacher, someone who made a difference. When I became a dentist I found that if patients understood the "why" about different options, they could make better choices. I knew that if I could teach moms, I could help an entire new generation of kids avoid dental nightmares caused by short-sighted dentistry. I am a terminal learnaholic constantly looking for better ways to help you help your children..

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