Prevent Dental Disasters In Jaw Growth

Small lower jaw Class 2

If your child had this type of jaw, would you do something about it? I mean, hey, this stuff is highly genetic and runs in families, so maybe they look just like you, or your spouse, or their brother… You get the point.

Maybe that’s just how your family’s jaws have been for generations, and that’s okay. but it comes with some challenges from a functional point of view.┬áIf you don’t do something about it, then your child may end up with teeth so mismatched that it will adversely affect chewing, smiling, speaking, and even swallowing.

Most people with this much deficiency in lower jaw size end up getting surgery. That’s highly risky for permanent nerve damage, scars, and not to mention that all surgery carries the very remote possibility of death.

There might be a way to prevent this, or at least minimize the risk of surgery. Watch the video to see if it sparks some ideas… then share the video with anyone you know who deals with these kinds of choices.

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