Natural And Harmless Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

Beautiful smiles are of so much worth that everyone should invest well.

I saw these free tips from Dr. Wright and thought I'd share. But I must first point out that these methods are teeth whitening methods that affect the SURFACE of the teeth only. If you want to whiten the inner structure of the teeth, you'll have to watch this video.

Foods have natural chemicals in them that can actively affect stains and your teeth. I know people who suck on lemons or pickles frequently and for long periods of time. The results is I've seen their enamel dissolve away, never to return. Don't think that because it's natural, it's harmless.

All acids will dissolve enamel when the pH goes below 5.5, but our teeth are made to handle short-term exposure to acids, followed by long periods of natural remineralization from the rebuilding minerals in your saliva. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to enjoy all the wonderful foods with low pH.

So with the ideas mentioned here, we're dealing with acids so it's important to use these techniques for just long enough to brush them into the teeth, and then rinse them off to raise the pH back up above 5.5 to normal mouth levels. Your teeth were made to handle short-term acid application so whiten away, the natural way.‚Äč

Enjoy this video, but if you really want to whiten more than the surface of your teeth, watch this video.



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