Buy Real Mom's Dental Pocket Guide - CAVITIES by Dr Paul Schreiter in paperback for $14.99Real Mom’s Dental Pocket Guide – CAVITIES.  This is the first of a 10-part series that allows you to discover specific information for your child’s dental needs.

Learn the best ways to prevent cavities that your dentist never told you.  Learn the best ways to fix cavities when they happen.  If your child struggles with cavities, or even has their first one, this pocket guide is a gamechanger.

Guaranteed to contain vastly more useful information than you’ll get from your dentist over several visits … all at a price far less than the cost of a single checkup.

I’ve included several questions you should ask your child’s dentist to help you understand the specifics of your child’s dental needs. It will help you start the kind of discussion that you can help you prevent major dental problems for your kid, or treat problems as they arise.

No REAL MOM was given a dental manual when they had their child, but now you have the opportunity to get the first one about preventing and treating cavities.

Buy Real Mom's Dental Pocket Guide - CAVITIES in paperback for $14.99