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Teeth Whitening

Hi. I'm Dr. Paul. Teeth whitening can be pretty expensive, costing hundreds of dollars, but there's absolutely no reason for that. Let me explain why. It's actually a very inexpensive process.

* Teeth have different layers.

* Enamel is translucent or partially see-through.
* Dentin is more opaque and dense. It's also more yellow or brown in color.
* Inside all that is the pulp or nerve of the tooth.
* Dentin grows thicker with age and that's why teeth yellow. Removing stains on the outside of the teeth with natural means such as banana peels, strawberries, and even charcoal. But only one general method can change the dentin color inside the tooth
* Teeth typically have 3 regions of color - and it has to do with thickness of the materials you're looking at
* Whitening that changes the whole tooth color is done with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, what I call time-release peroxide - this stuff is not expensive. Think about how much a bottle of hydrogen peroxide costs at your local discount store. That would whiten your teeth, but the concentration of it would burn your gums before whitening of the teeth occurred
* Usually the stronger the solution, the faster it works, BUT the more risk for pain, burning of gums, etc.
* The less strong solutions work just as well, but they take longer

teeth whitening = strength of solution multiplied by time applied

* You may be wondering if teeth whitening damages your teeth. Electron microscope studies have proved over and over that this process does NOT damage enamel. It's perfectly safe to do, and even safer with the lower doses of carbamide peroxide.
* The amount of whitening anyone will get varies from person to person. No one can guarantee an absolute amount of whitening, but in 30 years as a dentist, I've only seen one person whose teeth did not noticably whiten.
* So we've found a great source of safe and effective lower dose carbamide peroxide strips and we wanted to bring them to you at a price anyone can afford: FREE. To cover our costs, we just ask that you pay for shipping.
* You'll usually see noticable whitening withing the first 3 days when the strips are used just 30 minutes a day. Leaving them on longer won't help because the carbamide peroxide gets used up in the whitening reaction.
* You can speed up the whitening process by using them twice a day, as long as you use new strips for every 30 minutes you whiten
* This packet contains 14 applications. Whiten for 2 weeks using them once a day, or you can whiten in 1 week by using new strips twice a day.

We made this product super affordable as our way of saying thank you to moms everywhere, but if you get some for you husband or boyfriend, we won't tell.

For every occasion. Show your whitest brightest smile by at your next gathering, but hurry. Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. Your photos will show your whiter brighter smile forever.

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