Toothache From Too Much Sugar At One Time

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Emergencies - Potential causes

Toothache from too much sugar at one time is believed to be caused by osmotic pressure between the fluid inside the tooth and the fluid outside. This means more sugar outside the tooth causes the fluid inside the tooth which is believed to cause pain. This is the working theory.

Emergencies - Symptoms

  • Generalized dull ache of most of the teeth
  • Almost never localized to just one tooth
  • Pain comes on after eating sugar in high doses over a short period of time

Emergencies - Relieve pain

Some people claim relief by soaking their mouth in warm salt water (half teaspoon salt dissolved in one cup warm water). You may want to use no more than body-temperature water to avoid adding heat to the abscess which can increase pain.

Emergencies - What to do

Although this pain can be quite intense, and salt water may not solve the problem, the usual action to take is to quit eating sugar. The pain will usually subside within an hour or two.

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